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Our Group

Together is a peer support group, designed by bereaved parents for bereaved parents.

Our aim is to bring together grieving parents for help, support and understanding.

Connecting with others, who understand what you are going through, can help reduce isolation and foster hope for the future.

Our group is open to any parents who have lost a child of any age or at any time.

Together hosts monthly get togethers in Auckland and online. You are welcome to just come along or contact me for more details. Jenny


 Bereaved Parents Support Group
Support Meeting: Every 3rd Monday of the month at Heart of the Bays Community Centre,        Glen Road, Browns Bay, Auckland @7pm.

Our next meeting is on Monday 15 July 2024.

All bereaved parents are welcome to just turn up or contact us before hand on:

No matter our circumstances, who we are, or how different we are, there is a connection, a bond, between parents who understand the heartache of losing a child.

" Sometimes talking and listening to others who have been in your shoes is the most powerful form of healing"

An Invitation

If you, or someone you know, have had the devastating loss of your child/ren I am so sorry.

I do understand some of what you are going through (see Our Story).

If you feel that our group would be of help to you, please do feel free just to turn up at a meeting when you are ready, or get in touch for more information about the group.  Jenny



Facebook: Together - Bereaved Parents Support Group


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