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Our Story

When our son, Adam, died suddenly in 2012, we found our grief very isolating. The support & help from family & friends was awesome and appreciated, but we found what we really needed were other parents who were walking the same path; parents that understood what we were going through; who understood the depth and the breadth of the loss, the hollowness, the pain and the love that we carried.

Realising the need for bereaved parents to have a place to connect and talk to other grieving parents Together – a Support Group for Bereaved Parents grew. Together is designed and run by bereaved parents, who understand what you are going through, have been where you are and who know what you are feeling and how deep it runs.  

Through group meetings, and Facebook, grieving parents come alongside each other, at different stages along their journey, for help, support and understanding.

If this is something you are looking for, feel free to just come along to a meeting or contact us for more information.


Jenny & Gary

Support for death of a child
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Help for grieving parents
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